At Charter Hall we recognise that sustainability is more than protecting the natural environment; it is about responding to the needs of our customers, achieving our long-term commercial goals and working in partnership with our stakeholders to improve environmental and social outcomes.


We have integrated sustainability and community into our business to create a shared value framework. Our aim is to become Australia’s best and most highly recognised property investment and funds management business. We acknowledge that this requires a cohesive, Group-wide approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility that addresses all aspects of the property value chain.


Charter Hall’s Shared Value Framework recognises the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is aligned with the four pillars that underpin our corporate strategy: Access, Deploy, Invest and Manage. Our framework focuses on three key themes - Eco-Innovation, Building Community and Enabling Wellbeing - with our people, in our assets, and in the communities in which we operate.



  • Deliver smart solutions that make a difference for our customers and the planet.


Building Community

  • Increase community value and social cohesion in the places in which we operate


Enabling Wellbeing

  • Enhance people’s wellbeing at work and in our supply chain



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